About Delta Room Rentals

Delta Room Rentals is the leading room rental agency servicing Manhattan and the Bronx. We are the oldest, most established room rental agency in Manhattan. We serve clients who are looking for affordable room rentals from 110 street to the Bronx. We are also now serving Brooklyn and are growing rapidly.

The Process

Delta Room Rentals makes renting a room easy and fast. You can quickly and confidently move directly into your new place within 1 hour from start to finish.

Our Purpose

Our agency is used by clients all over the world to quickly find affordable rental apartments. We offer room rentals to clients with poor or bad credit. Short to long term room rentals or apartment rentals for 1 year or more. Delta Room Rentals caters to a variety of clients such as:

  • International tourists
  • College Students
  • New York Residents
  • Travelers

With access to emergency rentals meaning PAY and MOVE IN availability.


Conveniently located at 3644 Broadway New York, NY 10031 (Corner of Broadway and 150th Street), Delta Room Rentals is a car, bus, or train ride from New York’s most recognizable landmarks. Therefore, the rentals we have available are minutes away from areas such as: Times SquareCentral ParkThe Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty.